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Phuket Boat Show finds new home

July 26, 2011 0 Comments Blog by Administrator

Sunseeker Thailand can announce that the 2012 International Boat Show in Phuket, PIMEX, has been moved from its historical, early January slot to a new range of dates at the end of March. Moving the show away from the Christmas, New Year peak season will allow the major marquees and dealers in Phuket, including Sunseeker Thailand, to show many more of the new models.
The PIMEX boat Show in Phuket will now be held from the 29th March 2012 to the 1st April 2012. Moving it from the early January, peak season slot will allow a lot more boats to be available for display. The growing success of the marine industry in Phuket, as the incredible cruising grounds and modern, secure infrastructure become more widely known, has created a demand for new boats surpassing many areas in the Med.
"The arrival of so many new boats in the last 12 months plus the 4 new arrivals due before Christmas, will keep us and the boats so busy during the peak, Christmas, New Year season that we just cannot provide the resources the show deserves. Moving the show to the end of March will give us the time, and boats required for putting on a fantastic show. It is a very welcome change indeed" stated Craig Murphy, MD. Max Marine Asia (Sunseeker Thailand)